C3D files that conform to the specification normally contain accurate synchronized 3D Point and numeric sensor data that can be read and analyzed by C3D compliant applications.  It is important to realize that while software applications may claim to be C3D compatible but there is no official organization that grants the right to use the term C3D.  As a result hardware and application vendors may occasionally claim to be C3D compatible even though the C3D files that they create may contain data or formatting issues that can cause problems.

It is recommended that all vendors of C3D applications and software authors use the C3D specifications described here as a standard to determine their compatibility with the C3D format description.  This documentation exists to make it easy for anyone to read C3D files, but if an application creates a C3D file with a unique interpretation of the C3D format or structure, then standard C3D compatible applications may fail to read a new unique and undefined file format.


C3D file description

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