The biomechanics standard


6 November, 2016

The C3D web site is maintained by Motion Lab Systems as a resource for the biomechanics community.

All of the C3D information on this web site is in the public domain and may be copied and freely distributed with other products. The C3D User Manual documenting the C3D format and structure may be copied and supplied with any product that supports C3D.

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C3D Files supported

The websites listed above all offer products that support C3D files. Please contact us if your product supports the C3D format to request that your website be added to this list.

The C3D-L list server

C3D-L is the e-mail discussion group for issues and information relating to the C3D file format.  Message to and from the C3D-L list are checked for and any message that contains a virus will be automatically deleted before distribution. Membership is open to anyone.  Most companies that distribute or write C3D software are members of the list, as are many C3D users.  Message volume is generally low (less than 1 message per week on average).  You can contact the list administrator via the info@c3d.org e-mail address.

How to send a message to C3D-L

Messages can be sent to the subscribers of the C3D-L list server by addressing an email to C3D-L@c3d.org - please give as much background information about your query or request as possible. Please note that in an effort to eliminate unsolicited commercial mail from the list you must be a list member to post a message.In addition, to avoid cluttering up C3D-L mail-boxes, messages with large attachments (> 500kb) may not be distributed.  These should be exchanged privately or emailed directly to info@c3d.org. Although primarily intended for C3D support and discussions, announcements of product availability, new features etc., by manufacturers or users that relate to the C3D file format are welcome.

How to subscribe to C3D-L

To subscribe, send an mail message to C3D-L-SUBSCRIBE@c3d.org - this will subscribe you using your current reply-to email address.If your subscription information is correct then you will receive a return email within a few minutes asking you to confirm that you wish to join the list.  You must reply to this email to join the list.  Once your subscription has been confirmed you will receive a welcome message that confirms that you have been added to the mailing list.  If you do not respond to the first request then you will not be added to the list.

Problems with C3D-L?

If you do not receive an automatic reply to your subscription request then check that you have subscribed using the correct email address.  The majority of subscription failures are because the applicant did not use their correct email address.You can test your email address by sending a message to test@c3d.org - this address is not monitored but will automatically return a short message to you that will confirm that your email system is functioning.  Alternatively send a message to info@c3d.org requesting manual addition to the list.

How to unsubscribe to C3D-L

Send a mail message to  C3D-L-UNSUBSCRIBE@c3d.org and you will automatically be removed from the mail list. This message should be sent from the same email address that you wish to unsubscribe.  Alternatively you can simply email the list administrator at info@c3d.org with a request to be removed. Dead email addresses will be automatically unsubscribed.