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This site is maintained by Edmund Cramp as a service to the Gait and Biomechanics Community. Motion Lab Systems provides bandwidth and server space for the C3D.ORG web site at no charge. This site exists as a resource for the biomechanics community to provide definitive information about the C3D file format.

In the interests of full disclosure - I work for and am a major shareholder in Motion Lab Systems which manufacturers and markets electromyography systems and other items for the biomechanics and clinical gait market. These include C3D software applications that support, and provide access to, data stored using the C3D format. I have been working with C3D files since 1987.


All textual information and documentation available from this web site is public domain - this policy does not automatically apply to software applications and documentation downloaded from this web site unless specifically mentioned by the documentation or software application.

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Prior to establishing Motion Lab Systems, I first worked for the Oxford Instruments group in the UK and USA (1974-1984) supporting the Medilog 24-hour ambulatory Holter EKG recorder and EKG Analyzers and then with Oxford Metrics Ltd., (1984-1998) in the USA. Initially I worked with Graham Klyne and Julian Morris to provide installation and support for the first Vicon gait and motion capture laboratories in the United States and eventually ran Oxford Metrics Inc., the US subsidiary now called Vicon Motion Systems, until 1997. In the sixteen years that I spent with Vicon, I set up, installed and supported more than sixty Gait and Motion Analysis labs worldwide and simultaneously established Motion Lab Systems, Inc., as one of the leading manufacturers of multi-channel, research grade, electromyographic (EMG) systems for the clinical gait, biomechanics, and clinical research markets.

I registered the C3D.ORG web site in 1998 to support the C3D file format and published the first version of C3D User Guide, describing the C3D format, in 2001.

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The C3D web site does not have any "social media" links. It is our view that social media companies view themselves as fishermen sailing on the seas of commerce to catch users and make a profit selling them to companies that want to cook them and eat them. Social media is a massive net used to catch users who are then dissected, cooked, and sold for corporate profits. Motion Lab Systems, which pays all the bills to maintain and operate this web site, would rather make a living by providing services to build products that benefit people and help them, particularly when they are working to help others live healthier, happier, better, and more educated lives. We have no interest in capturing our visitors to sell or eat them.