The biomechanics standard


6 November, 2016

The C3D web site is maintained by Motion Lab Systems as a resource for the biomechanics community.

All of the C3D information on this web site is in the public domain and may be copied and freely distributed with other products. The C3D User Manual documenting the C3D format and structure may be copied and supplied with any product that supports C3D.

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C3D Files supported

The websites listed above all offer products that support C3D files. Please contact us if your product supports the C3D format to request that your website be added to this list.

Sample C3D data files

This collection of files is a resource for programmers, developers and users who want to test their software applications for compatibility with the C3D standard. Each downloadable zip file contains a text file with additional information - the most recent additions to this collection are at the bottom of the page.

All software applications that claim C3D compatibility must be able to open and read the sample files that meet both the Original and Current C3D specifications as well as handle C3D files that contain errors in a sensible manner.

sample01.zip - C3D files in INT, REAL, PC, SGI and DEC formats

sample02.zip - C3D file set for data format testing

sample03.zip - C3D files containing human gait data

sample04.zip - C3D files containing human gait parameters

sample05.zip - large C3D file containing human gait data

sample06.zip - C3D file with incorrect parameter names

sample07.zip - C3D file with 16-bit analog data

sample08.zip - C3D parameter compatibility test suite

sample09.zip - C3D files containing Vicon gait information

sample10.zip - TYPE-2 and TYPE-4 force plate data

sample11.zip - C3D files with poor Force Plate data

sample12.zip - A large 100Mb+ C3D file

sample13.zip - C3D files from PhoeniX Technologies

sample14.zip - C3D file with analog data errors

sample15.zip - C3D file with more than 127 3D points

sample16.zip - C3D file with invalid data points

sample17.zip - C3D file with 128 analog data channels

sample18.zip - C3D file with an invalid parameters

sample19.zip - C3D file with 34672 frames of data

sample20.zip - C3D file with missing parameters

sample21.zip - C3D file with the wrong parameter values.

sample22.zip - C3D file from a robotic exoskeleton

sample23.zip - C3D file containing ANALYSIS parameters

sample24.zip - C3D file from Innovative Sports Training.

sample25.zip - C3D files from a Vicon Nexus system

sample 26.zip - C3D files from Qualisys.

sample27.zip - C3D file with Kyowa Dengyo data.

sample28.zip - C3D files with TYPE-1 force plate data.

sample29.zip - C3D files from NaturalPoint.

sample30.zip - C3D files from Biogesta.

sample31.zip - C3D files with more than 65535 frames.

sample32.zip - C3D file with corrupt EMG data.

sample33.zip - C3D file with large parameter block.

sample34.zip - C3D files from Xsens.

sample35.zip - C3D files from Mega Electronics.